4 tips on how to get the most out of college: what I wish I did differently

College is a great time for many and for some it is life’s fears encompassed by the torments of the what if’s that could be.

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My college route was an unusual one in the sense that I went to college a little early through a program at my school.

I was allowed to start at 16 and go to a community college.

It was a trying time and I had little knowledge about everything that college had to offer and how to take advantage of it.

Thrown into a gauntlet of fire, I learned many lessons.

I lay them at your feet here.

Tip One

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Work is everything, your job is going to be your life.

Quite literally.

Aligning your job at some point with your degree path will tremendously serve you.

Even if it’s just a spin, like maybe you work at a grocery store as a social work major.

You can say that you offer services and advice to your customers and boom!

You’ve got a resume booster!

I know, I know. It’s not that simple. I understand.

Maybe that will help you see some of the resourcefulness needed to orient yourself properly in the job market.

Start looking for a job before you choose your degree path, seriously.

Start a business related to what you do somehow. And learn everything you can about it. Devour every piece of info available.

Become an expert and if there’s a market, you will win.

Take enough at bats and relentlessly optimize. (DCOM)

Tip Two

Find a tribe who does what you do but better and follow them.

You must learn to “eat the meat and spit out the bones”

Everything you get won’t be gold encrusted diamond nuggets.

But it will be mcdonalds chicken nuggets every now and then.

It may even be dookey nuggets at one point.

Know how to tell the difference.

One way to tell is if they have no experience themselves and give you hypothetical advice.

“Well, I haven’t tried it but…….”

So they want to see you get burnt first. Won’t always be the case but hey, every now and then.

Tip Three

Photo by Andrik Langfield on Unsplash

Enjoy the time you have, it will slip through your fingers.

Watch each moment carefully and organize them in a way that when you leave you can say…..

“Everything this place had for me I received”

Leave nothing on the table.

Tip Four

Call your parents (or whoever raised you or influenced you) and tell them you love them and that you are grateful for them.

Learn to be grateful and thank the people you know and show them you appreciate them.

This will keep you in a state of humility and in the place that makes people want to be around you.


Learn how to eat healthy and take care of yourself, it does not have to be crazy expensive or difficult. Start small.



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