Flow State — The Land of Hoo Sah

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This is my example of morning pages but on a computer it does not feel as authentic. Which is probably why they tell you to use a journal instead and to stay away from computers when completing this exercise.

But this is also a form of just writing and allowing my brain to flow instead of being caught up trying to suck the writing flow out of my body I recognize now that flow is apart of what I try to achieve.

Think about when the Spirit flows within the body there is equilibrium, or in other words the body is at balance.

But when things are not flowing, balance is interrupted. We must find out how to restore flow in order to bring back success. Or to bring it in, in the first place.

Flow can be defined as the uninterrupted state of a fluid from one area to another.

People sometimes confuse fluids and liquids, an example to help us understand.

Air is a fluid but not a liquid and water is a liquid and a fluid.

Do you see now?

Some of you already knew that!

Bear with me.

Photo by Mark Basarab on Unsplash

Big fuzzy bear

Now that your mind is on bearish mode let’s continue to describe what flow can accomplish.

Flow allows for the mind to use its unhindered creative ability that is naturally locked within thought loops in our brain.

These thought loops protect us from randomly blurting out what we are thinking at any one point or another.

As an example we constantly unconsciously are monitoring our soundscape and we only detect anomalies.

When a rat farts and we jerk our head to the right to see what happened we see this interruption in flow.

Our minds were focused on flow and the wisp of the rat posterior, caused us to have a break in our mind and pulled us into another mode for a second or two.

Investigation mode and then as soon as we determined that we were safe we went back to whatever it is that we were initially doing.

Sound familiar?

Now amplify that times 1000 and we have the human condition.

Is it not awesome to be human! To be able to process so much and have it turn either into a life of greatness or failure?.

The answer is not expected here, or what no…go ahead please comment how you feel about the awesomeness of humans and while you are at it clap clap clap your hands! Everybody now!

With all that said as you can imagine by the title our goal is to travel to the land of Hoo Sah. This land is our land! This land is my land! This land is your land! Alright Alright I’ll stop haha.

I just love writing in song if you could not tell.

So Hoo Sah, this land is a land of rivers and the only form of travel is on these rivers. The secret code is Hoo Sah. When the boat captain arrives each passenger must “Hoo Sah” the captain to board.

Those that don’t are left ashore.

The captain knows that those who “Hoo Sah” have left their burdens ashore and will keep the boat in perfect balance.

Still follow?

Cool, so next time you want to get into a flow state take your “Hoo Sah” and a few moments to bring your mind into focus and let your brain be hyper focused on ONE task.

Let me say it louder for the people in the back


Hey Patricia Rosa, I just want to say you seem like someone who knows how to flow.

The land of Hoo Sah is accustomed to specialized artisans who spent decades learning one craft, men who have been cooking one food for 40 years. Women who have been making one style of pot for 35 years.

Hoo Sah is built on the foundation consistent growth and stability.

Let the land of Hoo Sah be your guide to flow this day.

Farewell friends until next time.




A vision to change the world.

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A vision to change the world.

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