Reality has not met your dreams, and she doesn’t want to. You have to have an arranged marriage.

3 tips to plan the marriage

Today I have pondered what it means to merge your reality and your dreams.

Have you achieved your life’s goals? Yeah, neither have I.

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Arranging the marriage of your dreams and reality is complicated.

Your reality is like the bride, she needs satisfaction and a caring touch.

Your dreams are the Romeo to your Juliet.

The title may have confused you a little bit.

But hopefully it is a little clearer now.

My goal in this article is to help you layout the basis of the marriage.

Tip One — Premarital Counseling

Every good marriage is built on the foundation of counsel.

From God and from man.

Seeking out counsel through the Word of God and through the many books available to us today will once applied strengthen your marriage foundation.

Choosing 3 books (not including the bible) to use as a field guide for your dream-reality marriage will set your course nicely.

Let it be a mix of strategy and applicable principles and a goal setting style of books.

That will help you define what you want in life and what God wants for you and how to get there.

Tip Two — Finding the Wife

You may ask yourself, what is this guy thinking. Wife is second?

Yeah that’s right.

Premarital counseling starts the day you exit the womb.

Now don’t get me wrong here, counseling specifically with the couple at hand is important.

What I am trying to emphasize is that our life is a preparation for the command that God gave us to marry.

The world has translated that into their definition of marriage and has corrupted the true definition.

That does not hinder our second tip in that the important thing about finding a wife is being in the right place.

Finding a good wife is like making good blue cheese. If you have the wrong mold it’s going to be nasty. But that specific blue cheese mold.

It will make your tongue curl. (in a good way, haha)

Putting yourself around the proper environment will skyrocket your marriage into the stratosphere and it’ll orbit.

Tip Three — Keeping your love fresh

After the honeymoon there is a period of decline when the reality of the marriage sets in and they don’t fart lavender kisses.

Finding new ways to show your love and when you stray, returning to your first love.

The love that made your stomach jump.

The love that made you stay up on 3 hrs of sleep.

The way you do this is by having a big enough why and knowing how to rest.

The why will keep you motivated and the rest will give you enough strength to be consistent when life crushes you.

Applicable example: I write 5 days a week and go to the gym 5 days a week. This might not sound like a lot but for me it is right now. I rest on the weekend and schedule my days to be able to work my day job and incorporate my writing business into that.


Find cultures of mediocrity and destroy them and live life in cultures of excellence.



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