Starting small: do this now and your future self will thank you

Many people know of or have experienced themselves, making a commitment to go to the gym and after the first workout being so sore that they end up quitting their gym routine.

Sound familiar? I thought it might.

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Let’s imagine every time you came to a stoplight while driving, when you started driving again you stomped on the gas and got up to speed and then broke to stay at that speed.

Doesn’t really sound sensible huh?

Not to me at least, maybe if you like whiplash.

But other than that, not so much.

How should you accelerate then?

Slowly increasing the throttle until you reach the desired speed while maintaining a consistent small pressure. Instead of one massive kick.

Intuitively we understand this but applying it to our lives is like doing multivariate calculus whilst climbing Mt Everest without a guide.

It is so incredibly difficult that close to 100% flop and others who try experience great hardships in their efforts.

There are of course varying levels of success and application of this principle.

With that said today we will explore how to begin to implement the principle of starting small so that YOU can accelerate your destiny and create cultures of excellence in your life.

Cultivating your end goal

  • Before you can start you must have an idea of your destination
  • Then you must identify a possible path on how to arrive there
  • Lastly you must optimize your mode of transportation as you travel this path

Identifying what your ideal life looks like, is a decent first step for cultivating your end goal.

Notice I don’t say finding or searching for your end goal, you need to sit down and ask yourself:

What makes me tick?

Why do I get out of bed in the morning?

What am I most grateful for?

Once you do this, make a brain dump onto a journal or page and spit out every idea that you have for what your ideal life looks like.

Then ask yourself what kind of income would I need to support this life?

Begin to expense out generally what it would cost and save that number.

That number coupled with what your product or service is and how much money you make from each sale will determine how you work and what you do to be successful.

At its most basic:

I want to make 100,000 dollars a month: my products/services bring in 5000$ per sale.

I need to sell 20 products to net 100,000$ and live out my dream life

These are random numbers but they give you an idea of how to get where you want to be.

What does this have to do with starting small? I hear you asking in the background.

This end goal is not the focus right off the bat, the beginning is the focus at first.

I would not start off, offering a 5000$ product right off of the bat.

I would start to create a prototype and devise what my offering is going to consist of and then create a value evaluation and show how my product is worth 5000$

Building confidence in your self and feeling out your self worth is crucial to thriving in a competitive market.

It can be overwhelming when you think about trying to create a 5000$ dollar product but if you start with a 5$ product and think how can I 10x the value of this?

Then you have a 50$ product, do that two more times and you have a 5000$ product.

Photo by Volodymyr Hryshchenko on Unsplash

And then now if you use that as a path to follow you have 4 products at different entry levels that you can promote and add value to all levels of customers with.

That is the beauty of starting small, it seems so easy and doable that its a no brainer.

People overcomplicate the life out of anything they can as an excuse to live in mediocrity.

Don’t let that be you! Find what it is you want to try or if you know what you want. Start defining small chewable steps that you can take to move yourself that much closer to your goal.

This is the premise I think behind the book Atomic Habits starting with something so laughably small it almost seems like a joke.

And one day you will have built the Taj Mahal, one measly stone at a time.

That is the power of consistency.

Sit down with yourself, set an appointment in your phone with yourself!

And ask yourself what is the smallest way I could start my business or increase my income today?

It will not happen overnight, but when you look back you will marvel at how trivial your initial input was and what it led to.

“It’s a long journey to become successful, and you learn to grow with it. You grow with the small steps you take.“

Benson Henderson



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