Wake up excited to wake up: how living a life of meaning can radically change your habits

Today I jumped (almost literally) out of bed at 5 am.

I went to bed at around 10 and was ready to conquer the next day.

I should have laid out my MIT’s before but I am doing that after I write.

Photo by Sergey Zolkin on Unsplash

It wasn’t always like this though, I would have some good days don’t get me wrong but most days were a struggle to feel motivated to get out of bed.

I was lacking a big enough reason to jump out of bed. I just kind of moseyed on out of bed.

Even though I would pray some mornings once I got out of bed, it felt like a chore.

I was trying to gather enough muster to want to hop out of bed.

What changed?

For one I found a special someone to pray with and prepare to live a life together with.

When people depend on you, it changes the way you act. Even if only slightly.

I want to start living my life more affected by the way Jesus depends on me.

I for some reason didn’t feel the same surging motivation before.

I also started taking classes online for real estate, and wanting to complete these has been a big motivation for me as well.

Lastly I started an easy exercise routine that is helping me get back into the gym consistently.

So overall, I have things in my life that excite me and push me to keep moving towards progress.

Small seeds that I can see growing everyday.

What can you add to your life that will infuse you with the energy to jump (be careful) out of bed tomorrow?



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