Work Life Balance: The way to reach equilibrium in your mind so you can find peace

There is this pinnacle of life and work success that embodies the desire of men and women the world over and across eons of time. Having a “Work Life Balance”

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Being able to work a 40 hour week and come home to your family and spend time with each other and then every year be able to take family vacations and still have enough money to save for retirement and build a legacy for your children to inherit.

Or for some work life balance is even more skewed towards having an abundance of life and they only work 10 to 20 hours a week and enjoy the rest of the time to themselves.

Whatever your definition of work life balance may be it needs to be laid out and clearly defined so that you can have an ideal to begin working towards.

The Work Life Balance Formula

My formula for work life balance is:

*Mental and physical work benefit(enjoyment) (x10)— *Mental and physical work stress(x10) = Time needed apart from work to destress(hours)+ Monetary need from work (desired weekly income)

*From a scale of 1 to 5

This formula is rudimentary but it provides a base to begin to determine how to incorporate time boundaries for your work based on your income needs and your bodies mental and physical capacity to work in general.

As you incorporate time boundaries and learn how to maintain a healthy equilibrium of life and work you will begin to be a more efficient worker.

Sometimes we put ourselves in positions where we have to work long hours to make ends meet and what we must do is evaluate how necessary it is and begin to try and move towards finding and curating work that can lead us to a healthier balance.

Parkinson’s Law dictates that work will fill up the time given to finish it.

So if you give yourself a normal 40 hour work week to bring in your desired income, thats generally how long it will take.

But if you dedicate let’s say 20 hours to earning your normal income and then research and study on how to make what you make in 20 hours a week, you will start to break limiting beliefs and be on your way to work life balance.

Today sit down and break down your work life balance assessment and ask yourself if you are content with your income and your current work life balance and if you are not start working a way to get there!



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