Working properly and not aimlessly

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Having vision for your work is essential.

Knowing why you do what you do and the structure of your path in accomplishing that, will take you far on the path to success.

Many people think of the word vision and think about sight or a mind map or similar concepts.

For me I think about the word vision like this: vi-shun

“What do you mean?” You may be asking.

The word focus can be an acronym for Follow. One. Course. Until. Successful

Vishun represents “shunning anything that is not related to your goal within your vision”

My heart is to be able to be a visionary consultant or in other words. I want to get peoples ideas and dreams onto paper or a document and guide them through laying out their path to their vision.

Like a servant of God once said: Hab 2:2

“And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.”

When your vision is made plain and written, you at least have the ability to comprehend where you are headed and can formulate an idea of how to get there.

Many people have great ideas and even good beginnings on how to accomplish them but they don’t have enough clarity on how to get started and be consistent and so they vacillate and never go anywhere.

Thats why I choose the homonym: vishun to represent how I perceive the word vision. When we choose to pursue our dreams(vision) we must shun anything that detracts from that.

You will feel the wrongness of whatever is pulling away from your vision if you are sensitive enough to your goals.

If you don’t really have a strong goal it will be difficult to notice when you stray from it.

Find something that makes you hate to leave it;

when you get so enthralled with something that when you put it down you wish you could start again in that same moment.

That will be what people notice in you and what catapults you into exponential growth as you remain consistent.

The Success Magnet

Consistency is the magnet for success, people want a formula but they aren’t willing to apply it when given it.

Think of consistency like a multiplier in the work formula.

Consistency is a multiplier for your work style, it increases efficiency and work value.

As you remain consistent and are learning and growing in your craft you will see dividends. But it requires patience.

If you think about it, having vision creates consistency.

Today sit down and ask yourself:

What is my vision? What is my path to my vision? Who am I walking with and learning from(advisor) on my path to my vision (dreams)?

If you feel stuck reach out in the comments!



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